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Try any of our House Blends or Espressos with skim milk, whole milk, almond or soy milk for only $.50 more.
Premium House Blend
$1.35 / $1.99
Premium Decaff House Blend
$1.35/ $1.99
Premium Flavored House Blend
add $.20
ask your barista/baristo about our "skinny" options (sugar free syrups, fat free milk, etc..) $2.55 / $3.25
Heavens Gate
Mocha Frappe with White Chocolate, Cherry, and Caramel blended with delicious pieces. Topped with whipped cream
and mint bars. $6.19
Create Your Own
Using our Jet Frappe base and Monin flavors create your own delicious Frappe. Add more than one flavor for $.20 a
flavor $4.35
Cafe Au Lait... espresso with steamed milk$2.00 / $2.75
Cafe Americano.... espresso with hot water...
priced per shot $1.50/$2.35
Cappuccino $2.75 / $3.75
Dizzy...espresso with whip cream... priced per
shot $.95
Mocha Shot..... espresso with chocolate.. priced
per shot $1.05/$1.95
Jiggly Gitty Up .... Chocolate Pudding Espresso
Shot $1.75
Latte.... $3.35/ $4.25
Cherry Daze....Dark Chocolate and Cherry$3.75 / $4.65
Snow Berry .... White Chocolate and Raspberry$3.75 / $4.65
Caramel Macchciato .... Caramel Latte$3.55 / $4.45
Almond Cloud.... Almond and white chocolate$3.75 / $4.65
Please feel free to create your own latte $....
Amazing Flavors
Caramel, Sugar free Caramel, White Chocolate, Sugar
free White Chocolate, Almond, Vanilla, Cinnamon,
Raspberry, Amaretto, Gingerbread, Cherry, Green Mint,
Peppermint, Hazelnut
Your Barista/Baristo can make your favorite with
Almond or Soy Milk for only $.50 more

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